Welcome to the MR Co-Creation Center

Join us on a Journey into the Future of Power Grids

The Co-Creation Center in the German city of Regensburg is a innovation lab that is the only one of its kind in the world. There, we work together with customers, partners, and MR experts on the future of Power Grids.

The creative atmosphere of the co-working space and the interplay of design thinking and agile working principles provide the ideal foundations for developing innovative solution concepts for the digitalization of energy technology.

The centerpiece of our future lab is a transformer that has been built almost to full size. Equipped with a fully functional ETOS® system, intelligent MSENSE® sensors, fans, and bushings, it is used as a transparent way of presenting the monitoring, control, regulation, and digitalization concepts involved in power transformers. It is clear to see that we offer much more than exceptionally reliable individual components for transformers. We think in terms of customer systems and offer the complete solutions they are looking for.

A control system from PSI Software AG, which is directly connected to ETOS®, plus an additional experience space featuring innovative software solutions for asset management round off the digital showroom.

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